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Exploring interactions between parasites and their hosts in the Pantanal floodplain using an ecological network approach. 2024.

Trypanosomatid diversity in a bat community of an urban area in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. 2024.

Investigation of Yellow Fever Virus at the Human?Animal Interface after a Zika Virus Outbreak in Midwest Brazil. 2024.


Health of Holochilus chacarius (Rodentia: Cricetidae) in rice agroecosystem in a neotropical wetland assessed by histopathology. 2024.

How does an urban landscape influence spatiotemporal ecology of South American coatis (Nasua nasua)?. 2024.

The relationships among Leishmania infantum and phyllostomid bats assessed by histopathological and molecular assays. 2024.

Assessment of Surfactant Removal Capacity and Microbial Community Diversity in a Greywater-Treating Constructed Wetland. 2023.

Molecular detection of Babesia spp. and Rickettsia spp. in coatis (Nasua nasua) and associated ticks from midwestern Brazil. 2023.


Molecular Survey of Hemotropic Mycoplasma spp. and Bartonella spp. in Coatis (Nasua nasua) from Central-Western Brazil. 2023.

Contribution to the knowledge of Neotrichodectes (Nasuicola) pallidus (Piaget, 1880) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae). 2023.


Exploring the Hidden World of Vectors of Chagas Disease: A Fascinating Look at the Taxonomic Aspects of the Psammolestes Genus (Hemiptera, Triatominae). 2023.


Neorickettsia sp. in coatis (Nasua nasua) in Brazil. 2023.

Mansonella sp. and associated Wolbachia endosymbionts in ring-tailed coatis (Nasua nasua) in periurban areas from Midwestern Brazil. 2023.

Characterization of the bacterial microbiome of non-hematophagous bats and associated ectoparasites from Brazil. 2023.


Hematology and biochemistry of South American coatis Nasua nasua (Carnivora: Procyonidae) inhabiting urban fragments in Midwest Brazil: differences according to intrinsic features and sampling site. 2023.


"Mi Casa, Tu Casa": the coati nest as a hub of Trypanosoma cruzi transmission in the southern Pantanal biome revealed by molecular blood meal source identification in triatomines. 2023.

Molecular diversity of Sarcocystis spp. in opossums (Didelphis spp.) from Southeastern and Midewestern Brazil. 2023.

Leishmania infantum infecting the carnivore Nasua nasua from urban forest fragments in and endemic area of visceral leishmaniasis in Brazilian Midwest. 2023.

Retrospective molecular investigation of Mayaro and Oropouche viruses at the human-animal interface in West-central Brazil, 2016–2018. 2022.

Brucellosis in the Brazilian Pantanal wetland: threat to animal production and wildlife conservation​. 2022.

Kinetoplastid Species Maintained by a Small Mammal Community in the Pantanal Biome​. 2022.

Multilayer Networks Assisting to Untangle Direct and Indirect Pathogen Transmission in Bats. 2022.

Serological exposure of spotted fever group Rickettsia in capybaras (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) from urban parks in Campo Grande, Brazilian Midwest. 2022.

Longitudinal dynamics and health impact of Hepatozoon procyonis (Apicomplexa: Hepatozoidae) on naturally infected ring-tailed-coatis Nasua nasua (Carnivora: Procyonidae) from Midwestern Brazil. 2022.

The outcomes of polyparasitism in stray cats from Brazilian Midwest assessed by epidemiological, hematological and pathological data. 2022.

The influence of abiotic and biotic variables on the patent parasitemias of Trypanosoma spp. in Thrichomys fosteri (Rodentia: Echimyidae) in the southern Pantanal. 2022.

Parasite association in non-volant small mammals in Brazil. 2022.


Diversity and Seasonal Dynamics of Ticks on Ring-Tailed Coatis Nasua nasua (Carnivora: Procyonidae) in Two Urban Areas from Midwestern Brazil. 2022.


Medium and Large-sized Mammals at the Urucum Massif in the Brazilian Pantanal: Camera Trap as an Effective Sampling Method to Estimate Species Richness, Relative Abundance and Activity Patterns. 2022.


Molecular detection and genotype diversity of hemoplasmas in non-hematophagous bats and associated ectoparasites sampled in peri-urban areas from Brazil. 2022.

Bartonella machadoae sp. nov. isolated from wild rodents in the Pantanal wetland. 2022.


Saúde e conservação dos animais silvestres na natureza. 2021.

De Olho Na Fauna Silvestre. 2021.

Acesse a revista aqui.

Density and survivorship of the South American coati (Nasua nasua) in urban areas in Central-Western Brazil. 2021.


Use of Postbiotics as an Immunomodulatory of the Immune Response against Brucellosis in Nellore Calves Immunized with S 19 Vaccine. 2021. 



Molecular detection of piroplasmids in synanthropic rodents, marsupials, and associated ticks from Brazil, with phylogenetic inference of a putative novel Babesia sp. from white-eared opossum (Didelphis albiventris). 2021.


Tick-borne zoonotic agents infecting horses from an urban area in Midwestern Brazil: epidemiological and hematological features. 2021.


Space use and activity of capybaras in an urban area. 2021.

Methyl acetate, a highly volatile floral semiochemical mediating specialized plant-beetle interactions. 2021.


Under-Reporting of COVID-19 Cases Among Indigenous Peoples in Brazil: A New Expression of Old Inequalities. 2021.

Crithidia mellificae infection in different mammalian species in Brazil. 2021.


Density and survivorship of the South American coati (Nasua nasua) in urban areas in Central–Western, Brazil. 2021.


Relationships between vector-borne parasites and free-living mammals at the Brazilian Pantanal. 2021.

An alternative method for determining the body condition index of the free-living South American coati. 2020.

Intra- and Inter-Host Assessment of Bartonella Diversity with Focus on Non-Hematophagous Bats and Associated Ectoparasites from Brazil​. 2020.

Trypanosomatid species in Didelphis albiventris from urban forest fragments. 2020.

First record of Eumops perotis (Schinz, 1821) (Chiroptera, Molossidae) from the Cerrado of Mato Grosso do Sul, Central-West Brazil. 2020.

NEOTROPICAL CARNIVORES: a data set on carnivore distribution in the Neotropics. 2020.

Understory use by terrestrial small mammals in an unflooded forest patch in the Pantanal floodplain. 2020.

Avaliação da piscicultura na microrregião do Alto Pantanal – Mato Grosso, Brasil. 2020.


Serological occurrence of tick-borne agents in beef cattle in the Brazilian Pantanal. 2020. 


Molecular detection of Hepatozoon spp. in non-hematophagous bats in Brazil. 2020.

Molecular detection and genetic diversity of Bartonella species in large ruminants and associated ectoparasites from the Brazilian Cerrado. 2020.

Genetic diversity and lack of molecular evidence for hemoplasma cross-species transmission between wild and synanthropic mammals from Central-Western Brazil. 2020.


Low occurrence of Bartonella in synanthropic mammals and associated ectoparasites in peri-urban areas from Central-Western and Southern Brazil. 2020.


Behavioral activities and diet of Azaras’s capuchin monkey, Sapajus cay (Illiger, 1815), in a forest remnant of the Brazilian Cerrado. 2019.


Zika Virus Surveillance at the Human-Animal Interface in West-Central Brazil, 2017-2018. 2019.

The reservoir system for Trypanosoma (Kinetoplastida, Trypanosomatidae) species in large neotropical wetland. 2019.


Detection of Brucella spp. in dogs at Pantanal wetlands. 2019.


Etnozoologia e conservação da onça-pintada (Panthera onca) no Brasil. 2019.


Evaluation of HBV-Like Circulation in Wild and Farm Animals from Brazil and Uruguay. 2019.


Genetic diversity of Babesia bovis in beef cattle in a large wetland in Brazil. 2019.


Occurrence and genetic diversity of hemoplasmas in beef cattle from the Brazilian Pantanal, an endemic area for bovine trypanosomiasis in South America. 2019.


Padrões de atividade de duas espécies de cervídeos simpátricos (Mazama americana e Mazama gouazoubira) no maciço do urucum, Corumbá, MS. 2019.


Perceptions and Attitudes of Urucum Settlement Residents about Local Wildlife. 2019.


Phylogeography of msp4 genotypes of Anaplasma marginale in beef cattle from the Brazilian Pantanal. 2019. 


Sustainability Agenda for the Pantanal Wetland: Perspectives on a Collaborative Interface for Science, Policy, and Decision-Making. 2019.


Terrestrial Behavior in Titi Monkeys (Callicebus, Cheracebus, and Plecturocebus): Potential Correlates, Patterns, and Differences between Genera. 2019.


Uncovering Trypanosoma spp. diversity of wild mammals by the use of DNA from blood clots. 2019.


Valores hematológicos de lobinhos (Cerdocyon thous) do pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil naturalmente infectados e não infectados por Trypanosoma cruzi e T. Evansi. 2019.


Genetic diversity of Anaplasma marginale in beef cattle in the Brazilian Pantanal. 2019.


Mortalidade em pacus (Piaractus mesopotamicus) ocasionada por Pantoea agglomerans e Pseudomonas aeruginosa em tanque escavado. 2019.


The influence of parasitism by Trypanosoma cruzi in the hematological parameters of the white ear opossum (Didelphis albiventris) from Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. 2019.

Assessment of equine piroplasmids in the Nhecolândia sub-region of Brazilian Pantanal wetland using serological, parasitological, molecular, and hematological approaches. 2019.

Maintenance of Trypanosoma cruzi, T. evansi and Leishmania spp. by domestic dogs and wild mammals in a rural settlement in Brazil-Bolivian border. 2018.


New Evidence of the Monophyletic Relationship of the Genus Psammolestes Bergroth, 1911 (Hemiptera, Reduviidae, and Triatominae), 2018.


Outcomes of Trypanosoma cruzi and Trypanosoma evansi infections on health of Southern coati (Nasua nasua), crab-eating fox (Cerdocyon thous), and ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) in the Brazilian Pantanal, 2018.


Canine Oral Osteocartilaginous Malignant Amelanotic Melanoma with Pulmonary Metastasis, 2018.

A new species of Cystoisospora Frenkel, 1977 (Apicomplexa: Sarcocystidae) from Oecomys mamorae Thomas (Rodentia: Cricetidae) in the Brazilian Pantanal, 2018.


Econometric analysis of income, productivity and diversification among smallholders in Brazil, 2018.


First detection of feline hemoplasmas in free-ranging jaguars (Panthera onca), 2018.


Genetic Diversity of Bartonella spp. in Wild Mammals and Ectoparasites in Brazilian Pantanal, 2018.


Property size drives differences in forest code compliance in the Brazilian Cerrado, 2018.


Activity patterns of jaguars and pumas and their relationship to those of their potential prey in the Brazilian Pantanal, 2017.


Anaplasmataceae agents among wild mammals and ectoparasites in Brazil, 2017.


A novel habitat‐based approach to predict impacts of marine protected areas on fishers. Conservation Biology. 2017.


Avaliação de desempenho nutricional de ovelhas a campo consumindo bloco multinutricional com extrato de alho, 2017.


Biogeography and conservation of non-volant mammals from the Urucum Mountains: a Chiquitano dry forest ecoregion in western Brazil, 2017.


Detection of Brucella abortus B19 strain DNA in seminal plasma by polymerase chain reaction in Brazil, 2017.


Detection of Leishmania spp. in Bats from an Area of Brazil Endemic for Visceral Leishmaniasis, 2017.


Diet as a Therapy for Gut Dysbacteriosis, 2017.


Diversity of piroplasmids among wild and domestic mammals and ectoparasites in Pantanal wetland, Brazil, 2017.


Evidência molecular de Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato em pacientes no centro oeste brasileiro, 2017.


Hepatozoon spp. infects free-ranging jaguars (Panthera onca) in Brazil, 2017.


Identification of new Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis antigens by immunoscreening of gene expression library, 2017.


Insight into role of microbiota-gut-brain peptides as a target for biotechnology innovations, 2017.


Is the free-ranging jaguar (Panthera onca) a reservoir for Cytauxzoon felis in Brazil?, 2017.


Medium-sized to large mammals of Serra do Tombador, Cerrado of Brazil, 2017.


Molecular detection of Hepatozoon spp. in domestic dogs and wild mammals in southern Pantanal, Brazil with implications in the transmission route, 2017.


New species of Eimeria (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from Thrichomys fosteri and Clyomys laticeps (Rodentia: Echimyidae) of the Brazilian Pantanal, 2017.


Occurrence and molecular characterization of hemoplasmas in domestic dogs and wild mammals in a Brazilian wetland, 2017.


Rickettsia spp. among wild mammals and their respective ectoparasites in Pantanal wetland, Brazil, 2017.


Terrestriality of wild Sapajus cay (Illiger, 1815) as revealed by camera traps, 2017.


Activity patterns of ocelots and their potential prey in the Brazilian Pantanal, 2016.


Aspectos patológicos do implante de pericárdio bovino tratado pelo glutaraldeído e pela glicerina em parede abdominal de camundongos, 2016.


Association of Bartonella species are associated with wild and synanthropic rodents in different Brazilian biomes, 2016.


Complexity and multi-factoriality of Trypanosoma cruzi sylvatic cycle in coatis, Nasua nasua (Procyonidae), and triatomine bugs in the Brazilian Pantanal, 2016.


Cytokine and iNOS profiles in lymph nodes of dogs naturally infected with Leishmania infantum and their association with the parasitic DNA load and clinical and pathological features, 2016.


Detection of Borrelia burgdorferi Sensu Lato in Mato Grosso Do Sul, Brazil, 2016.


Estratégias de integração entre pesquisa e manejo do fogo no Parque Nacional da Serra da Canastra como parte do desenvolvimento de um Programa de Manejo Integrado do Fogo, 2016.


Health and epidemiological approaches of Trypanosoma evansi and equine infectious anemia virus in naturally infected horses at southern Pantanal, 2016.


How is the jaguar Panthera onca perceived by local communities along the Paraguai River in the Brazilian Pantanal?, 2016.


Incorporating resilience and cost in ecological restoration strategies at landscape scale, 2016.


Pathological effects of acetone cyanohydrin in swiss rats, 2016.


Upland habitat loss as a threat to Pantanal wetlands, 2016.


Yellow armadillos (Euphractus sexcinctus) can predate on vertebrate as large as a chicken, 2016.


An observation of chasing behavior in the yellow armadillo (Euphractus sexcinctus) at Maciço do Urucum, Corumbá, MS, Brazil., 2015.


Assessment of a quantitative 5' nuclease real-time polymerase chain reaction using the nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide dehydrogenase gamma subunit (nuoG) for Bartonella species in domiciled and stray cats in Brazil, 2015.


Caryospora bigenetica (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) in South America: new hosts and distribution records, 2015.


Co-Infection and Wild Animal Health: Effects of Trypanosomatids and Gastrointestinal Parasites on Coatis of the Brazilian Pantanal, 2015.


Mortalidade de tambacus (Colossoma macropomum x Piaractus mesopotamicus) infectados por Edwardsiella tarda, 2015.


Nitric Oxide, Protein Oxidation and Total Antioxidant Levels in Serum of Dogs Naturally Infected by Ehrlichia canis, Leishmania infantum and Babesia vogeli, 2015.


Pathological aspects of bovine focal fibrogranulomatous proliferative panniculitis (Lechiguana), 2015.


Phyllostomid bats and their diets at Urucum Massif, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, 2015.


Risk factors associated with the occurrence of visceral leishmaniasis in the urban area of Campo Grande/MS, 2015.


Serosurvey of Smooth Brucella, Leptospira spp. and Toxoplasma gondii in Free-Ranging Jaguars (Panthera onca) and Domestic Animals from Brazil, 2015.


Tick-borne agents in domesticated and stray cats from the city of Campo Grande, state of Mato Grosso do Sul, midwestern Brazil, 2015.


Triatominae (Hemiptera, Reduviidae) in the Pantanal region: association with Trypanosoma cruzi, different habitats and vertebrate hosts, 2015.

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